Born in Hungary and trained in Paris, founder Etienne Aigner created timeless signature designs and smart functionality that quickly resonated with American women when he opened his showroom in New York City in 1959. Etienne’s grounding in European craftsmanship and embrace of modern techniques made him a standout in New York’s emerging fashion scene, where he became known as “The Man With the Golden Hands.”

Aigner shoes and handbags are distinguished by luxurious materials, artisanal craftsmanship, multi-functionality, and notable hardware. Enduring hallmarks include the iconic logo–an “A” refined to resemble a horseshoe–and use of materials such as fine cordovan leathers from Italy and hand-woven textiles.

Founder Etienne originated a timeless aesthetic and unique features for his designs that are refreshed and reinterpreted for the modern woman. Today, Aigner continues his embrace of new techniques, materials, and ideas, producing quality shoes and bags that integrate into the contemporary professional, social, and leisure lifestyle.

Etienne Aigner Showroom

Every bag was detailed with purpose and precision, trimmed with useful pockets, and designed to offer refined sophistication and functionality. To this day, some 60 years later, we pay homage to our heritage by referencing and borrowing elements from Etienne’s decades-old archives, ensuring that each and every item we make today achieves the same level of perfection as those that Etienne created himself.